Tax and tax planning

We use the latest software to prepare personal, partnership and trust income tax returns and corporation tax returns for limited companies and clubs and associations.

We ensure that available reliefs and allowances are claimed so that you pay as little tax as possible.


We can undertake tax planning exercises to ensure that your affairs are organised as tax efficiently as possible and we can carry out pre year end tax planning and highlight any tax saving measures that could be put in place before the year end.


We can advise on the Capital Gains Tax implications of a proposed asset sale and steps that could be taken to reduce the potential tax bill.


We can help to mitigate your potential liability to Inheritance Tax.


We can advise on the VAT implications of a proposed transaction and help you to structure your affairs in the most tax efficient manner.


We can handle HMRC enquiries into your affairs and negotiate with them on your behalf in order to minimise the disruption, stress and additional tax liabilities that such enquiries often bring about.


We offer a comprehensive low cost tax investigation fee protection scheme through a leading provider in order to give clients peace of mind and confidence that tax enquiries into their affairs will be vigourously defended without having to worry about the costs involved.


We have access to cutting edge tax mitigation and reduction strategies from the leading providers in the country which can, in the appropriate circumstances, offer significant tax savings in all areas of taxation such as Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax, Stamp Duty and Corporation Tax and efficient profit extraction from a company.